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LYON PRIDE: Online & Silent Auction Benefitting CHKD (in honor of Laney Lyon)

LYON PRIDE: Online & Silent Auction Benefitting CHKD (in honor of Laney Lyon) - Stephie Jones Art

Lyon Pride by Stephie Jones for CHKD and Howard Hanna

This painting has been donated and goes up for auction starting today on the Stephie Jones Art Facebook page ( in advance of an 11/4 Howard Hanna “Strikes for Kids” event at AMF Lynnhaven Lanes in Virginia Beach, Va.

This original painting was created to honor LANEY LYON, a 6 month old who braved and survived open heart surgery at 2 weeks old to correct a number of heart issues, and I’ve aptly named it “Lyon Pride.” The Lyon Family credits CHKD (The Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters) with saving their daughter’s life. The event will benefit the Howard Hanna Children’s Free Care Fund and ALL OF THE FUNDS raised will benefit CHKD. Take a moment to bid (or TAG A FRIEND) and donate money to a wonderful organization! Laney’s full story is below.
Lyon Pride by Artist Stephie Jones
We will accept bids in the comments section on this Facebook post on the Stephie Jones Art page until 11:59 p.m. EST on Thursday, Nov. 3, 2016. The highest bid online will be the starting bid at the 11/4 event.
If anyone who is not attending the event in person wants to set up a ghost bid (meaning leave a maximum to bid on their behalf in increments), they can email Erin O’Brien of Howard Hanna ( that information.
Out of town bids are supported and encouraged, the piece is framed and ready to hang, measuring 11”X14.” No shipping cost to the winner.

On Monday, April 18th, the Lyon family was completed by the arrival of Laney Serene Lyon. Beautiful, healthy and calm, she came home from the hospital on Thursday and quickly settled into a routine. On the evening of Monday, April 25th, Stephanie and Chris noticed Laney's feeding and breathing wasn’t quite right. After some deliberation they headed to the new CHKD Urgent Care and arrived 4 minutes before they closed. They immediately rushed us to the back to examine her; at that point her color and breathing had changed drastically. Things escalated very quickly; Laney was in septic shock, was hypothermic and wasn't getting blood to the majority of her body. Urgent care called 911 and two EMT squads came immediately. Laney was then intubated by a brave paramedic; this call undoubtedly saved her life.

Laney was taken by ambulance to the CHKD ER in Norfolk, where she was somewhat stabilized before being transferred to the PICU. Early that morning, Stephanie and Chris were told that there were four main issues with Laney's heart: a hypoplastic aortic arch, a coarctation of the aorta, a VSD and an ASD. On May 2nd, Laney entered surgery at CHKD with the expert care and skilled hands of Dr. Felix Tsai of CHKD and Dr. James Gangemi of UVA, Laney emerged in the late evening hours in stable condition after a successful surgery. Laney remained in the Pediatric Intensive Care at CHKD unit under the care of her surgeons, Pediatric Cardiologists, Intensive Care providers, and a team of skilled nurses and other medical providers. Laney remained in the hospital for another 14 days before returning home with her sisters, Holly and Tori.

Today, at six months old, Laney is a happy and healthy baby. Her parents are extremely grateful and credit CHKD for saving their daughter’s life.


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