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About the Artist

Artist Stephie Jones oysters palette home photo credit Tasha TolliverStephie was asked to be the 2019 Neptune Festival Poster artist and learned it was a top seller once sales were tallied. Her work has been accepted by for licensure after winning an editor’s choice position during a competition for work to be sold at West Elm. She shows her work at Palette Home in Richmond as well as Beach Gallery in Virginia Beach. 

I was working as a graphic designer until something terrifying happened, and it changed everything. Before that time, I was always an artist but I wasn't sharing my gift and life's purpose with anyone.  It's a doozy of a story, but one I think you'll enjoy.
Click here to get to know me better and you'll learn how something very simple changed my life forever.

I earned my degree from James Madison University in the rolling hills of Harrisonburg, Va.
I pull inspiration from nature and the world around me, from light dancing off of trees and grass as I drive in the country to the way clouds gather over the ocean at sunset.
I am happiest sipping a coffee in my studio while listening to jazz and creating. I occasionally take breaks from painting to chase around my children, husband, cats and dog. 

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