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How to Hang the Perfect Gallery Wall

How to Hang the Perfect Gallery Wall - Stephie Jones Art

We all want our walls to look beautiful, right?

A gallery wall exists in almost every home I’ve been in, and they’re easy to appreciate, but not always easy to achieve. I love seeing my prints arranged with other pieces, but hanging a wall like this is an art form in and of itself. 

Have you ever wondered why some arrangements of art just look better than others? Below are some of my favorite easy-to-read articles about how to concept, organize and hang a gallery wall you’ll be sure to fall in love with. Oh yeah, and actually EXECUTE. So grab a cup of coffee and let your fingers do the walking as you get inspired and fired up!
Momtastic. Dig right in with this beautifully photographed and easy to follow step-by-step guide.
Emily Henderson. She makes style effortless with this easy breezy breakdown. It’ll leave you feeling like, “Oh yeah. I can do this."
Apartment Therapy. How to Hang Art in Groups (Like Kate Spade). Who doesn’t want to be like Kate Spade?
Rachel Zoe & Framebridge partner up to demystify the whole daunting task. 
More from Framebridge on the types of simple arrangements you can choose.
Domino. Inspiration for days.
Lonny. Ways to use a gallery wall in your home. Ha, we were so caught up in just HANGING a gallery wall, we never considered what they do for different types of spaces.
Good luck!

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