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Can This Be Love? Original Painting


I fell in love in September of 2000. The world changes when you're in love, it turns bright and happy, everything working as it should be. Effortlessly. Everyone looks better to you. Love of any kind is magic. A new baby, a puppy or a partner. They all turn the world to champagne bubbles and belly laughs and shades of pinks and peach. 

This vibrant painting celebrates coastal life and warm feelings. Get lost in the soft colors and loosely painted oysters. Close your eyes and smell the salt air as you grab an evening beer and post up with friends to watch the waves kick at the shore until the light, is no more. 

24"x24" (framed: 25"X25"). Acrylic on Canvas. Encased in hand crafted poplar float frame, wired, ready to hang. FREE shipping within the continental U.S.

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