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Looped Giveaway for Artists and Interior Designers

Hi fellow artists, makers and designers! My name is Stephie Jones and I’m an artist in Virginia Beach. I’ve hand picked a selection of artists and interior designers to invite for a giveaway loop so we can all increase our Instagram following with good genuine engaged followers. I started my art business one year ago and am enjoying success, but I (like all of us) realize I need to expand my reach in order to grow. Don't we all? Looping with only other artists/makers and interior designers will allow us to access qualified and interested followers that love beautiful home design and art! 


💙  Prize: $1,000 Gift Card for HomeGoods/TJ Maxx

💙  Wednesday, November 8, 2017 (Deadline to commit: Nov. 6)

💙  Open To Invited Artists and Designers, Listed Below

💙  Post Time: 6:30 pm PST · 7:30 pm MST · 8:30 pm CST · 9:30 pm EST

💙  Buy-in: $33.50 USD. Payment reserves your space in the loop.

💗 Please pay FRIENDS/ FAMILY to paypal: with your IG name in the notes. GOODS AND SERVICE payments will be refunded. We must meet a minimum of 30 participating artists for this to move forward at $1000, or 15 artists for $500 prize level. if we do not reach the min. of artists needed the gift card amount will be adjusted down or refunds will be issued. 

NO ECHECKS. NO REFUNDS UNLESS MIN. NUMBER OF PARTICIPATING ARTISTS IS NOT MET. No posting within 2 hours of loop launch.▪️ Group DMs start the night before we loop around 10 PM EST where all the information for the the actual giveaway is sent. 


Invited to this loop:

































I have hand selected artists and designers who have audiences that would likely genuinely like the work of the others within this loop (so followers you gain in the loop, you’d very likely keep and turn into buyers). If you’re interested in committing to this loop, here are the details:
The giveaway is for a $1,000 gift card to HomeGoods/TJ Maxx (high quality followers for artists would be interested in this type of giveaway as they are interested in home decor, upgrading their interiors, etc.) which I will secure and will handle disseminating to the winner. I will also provide all of the professional images to promote the loop in our feeds. To participate each artist contributes $33.50 towards purchase of the prize via PayPal (as a "friends and family" payment to with your IG Name and Homegoods Loop in the notes). 
If you’ve never looped before, here are the basics:
You loop to increase your Instagram following with good genuine and engaged followers. All artists in the loop (the goal for this loop at this price point is 30 artists) will all post the same prize/contest image at the exact same time on a predetermined day to create the loop. Artists that don’t loop in within 1 minute of loop time will be dropped and then added to the end once the loop is complete (I will handle the technical end). Followers that want to win the $1000 gift card to Homegoods will like your post and then follow each artist in the loop as their entry. We will post 2 more times to remind followers about the giveaway and to remind them before the contest closes. 
The night before the loop I will provide you all with the same professional prize image to promote the contest, as well as the text you'll need to include with it. I will provide you with your tag buddy (the next artist in line that your post will link to) as well as your back up buddy (in case your first artist somehow hasn't posted the contest on time and you need to skip them in the initial loop. Don't worry, anyone that is skipped will be added in at the end once the loop is established).
The night of the loop I will message everyone in small groups and remind you of the exact time to post. I will give a 5 minute warning and then will message everyone "LOOP!" at 9:30 p.m. EST. After 1 minute has passed doublecheck to make sure your tag buddy has posted the contest image. If they have not, skip to the next person on your list to complete the loop. Skipping is not mean, it is imperative we all loop correctly and at the same time to make the loop work. If there is a broken link no one can enter the contest properly. Anyone that doesn't make the loop will be looped in at the end once they post their image.
Picking a Winner
Everyone will randomly choose a winner from those that liked their contest post. You will submit the name to me. I will then select a winner for that pool. I will send you the winner's name and each artist will verify the winner is following them. If so, we will contact them to issue the prize. The card will be delivered via e-mail directly to the winner and they will post an image on their page showing that they won and have received the prize!