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The Sandler Center Application: Stephie Jones

Artist Stephie Jones Virginia Beach

Applicant Information: 

Stephie Jones
2272 Sandy Woods Lane
Virginia Beach, VA 23456
(757) 802-6974 

Current Resume/Bio:

Stephie Jones is a fine artist living and working in Virginia Beach, Va. 
A graduate of James Madison University, she launched her career as an artist after a near-death experience caused her to make a few life changes and pursue her passion. 
She paints bright, lively and colorful work in multiple mediums including oil, acrylic and watercolor. Her work (original paintings and limited edition prints) is released in collections on scheduled release dates on her web site, Release dates and sneak previews of her upcoming work can be found on Facebook ( Instagram ( or by signing up for her e-newsletter.
Stephie was asked to be the 2019 Neptune Festival Poster artist and learned it was a top seller once sales were tallied. Her work has been accepted by for licensure after winning an editor’s choice position during a competition for work to be sold at West Elm.
She shows her work at Palette Home in Richmond as well as Beach Gallery in Virginia Beach.
She has been selected for solo shows at the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts, The Runnymeade and The Central Library of Virginia Beach. More events and shows are available here:
More bio info available here:

The Work:

Below are 12 images of work (all labeled with title - media and dimensions included upon clicking each image) and all were created in 2019. 

Available Works at Show Time: Works available will depend on time of show (if granted) so size and number will vary. Works currently on hand are available at 30”x40”, 36"x36" and smaller. With advance notice of show some larger works can be created for the show.